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NEW YORK -- The following information was released by the Association for Computing Machinery:

As the intersection of computing and healthcare looms larger for providers and patients alike, there is a growing urgency to access and analyze data captured in electronic health records, medical imaging databases, and other clinical repositories. At the International Health Informatics Symposium presented by ACM's Special Interest Group on Health Informatics (SIGHIT) in Miami, FL January 28-30, experts on data analytics, machine learning, mobile devices for health management, and health information processing will discuss innovative technical contributions to address the challenges of today's information-based healthcare environment.

Conference keynoters include: Sophia Ananiadou of the University of Manchester on Biomedical Text Mining to address the need for semantic search and knowledge discovery in the face of increasing specialization, silo effects and literature deluge; and Jonathan R. Wolpaw of the New York State Department of Health and State University of New York on Brain-Computer Interaction, which is poised to become a major new technology for people with disabilities and for the general population as well.

The conference also features a multi-track technical program including papers, demonstrations, and panels from researchers, practitioners, developers, and users. Among the panel discussions is a session on trends and opportunities in data availability and analytical research for patient, provider, pharmaceutical and payer interests. Participants include panel chair Balaji Krishnapuram of Siemens; Shusaku Tsumoto of Shimane University; and James Golden of Accenture.

Another panel focuses on a human/machine-oriented approach to medical data collection. Among the participants are panel chair Shusaku Tsumoto; Mihoko Otake of University of Tokyo; Hiroshi Nakajima of OMRON; Takayuki Fujita of the University of Hyogo; and Yan Chow of Kaiser Permanente Information Technology.

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ACM's Special Interest Group on Health Informatics, SIGHIT, www.sighit.org is concerned with the application of computer science principles, information science principles, information technology, and communication technology to address issues in healthcare and the delivery of healthcare services as well as the related social and ethical issues. SIGHIT emphasizes the computing and information science-related aspects of health informatics and provides a forum for the creation, sharing, and management of knowledge and techniques as a strategic resource for improving the field of health informatics and its impact on people's lives.