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Fontana Library hosts Healthcare Informatics training - El Chicano Weekly

The Fontana Lewis Library & Technology Center is hosting three special events on the topic of Healthcare Informatics, starting in September and running through December. The event producer and presenter is Fatima Rahman. a Certified Professional in Health Informatics Management Systems (CPHlMS).

Health Informatics is a specialized form of Information technology that facilitates the delivery of heller patieni care and improved patient safety. This is a fast-growing field, due to lhe demand for it coming from physician offices and other health provider establishment to meet federal government and industry requirements that mandate a move to electronic palieni record-keeping. For that reason, there is now a rapidly growing demand for Health Information Management Systems (HIMS) professionals.

Ms. Rahman has extensive experience in HIMS and has been a keynote speaker for British government events on the subject. She managed a pioneering project th;U (Kcd HIMS 10 facilitate the delivery of better hea lineare and services to families and children living in the most deprived areas of London, lin g land. The project involved Unking up 24 doctors' offices, hospitals, social services providers and education resources into a single, coordinated system.

The Fon t una library will host three events, produced and presented by Ms. Rahman. The firsl event began on September 18th with the launch of a Health Informatics Exhibition with 32 exhibits on Health Informatics. The exhibit will run for three months, through December 18th.

The next part of the project i.s a Health Informatics Seminar, which will take place on Wednesday, October 6, This event will provide att�nu�es with an introduction to this new field. The final piece of the project is a 10-week course thai starts on Saturday. October 9. and runs through December 11. This course will equip candidates with the knowledge 'they need to move into a career in (he field of Health Information Management Systems. There is no charge for either the seminar; or the course.

There are two ways to register: (1) On-site at the Fontana Lewis Library & Technology Center; (2) Online at Ms. Rahmim'.s Web site. uo to htlp://fatimarahnuiii-com (there is no 'www' in the URL). Click on 'Lvents' and then click on the tab of the event you want to attend, The 10-week course and seminar have separate tabs. Early registration is recommended, as places are limited.

For further information please call the Fontana Lewis Librar) & Technology Center at (909) 5744560. Plea.se specify the reference for this event when you call Health Informatics.